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enerGIS is a web-based tool for renewable energy project site finding and planning, enabling the investigation, understanding & presentation of detailed spatial analyses.

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Renewable energy planning tool

enerGIS is a powerful online spatial analysis tool that assists decision makers in understanding solar and wind resource potential across a territory.

Our analyses cover resource thresholds, distance to infrastructure, load centre proximity, land use classifications and more - such as topography, bathymetry or environmental restrictions.

What is enerGIS?

User friendly, collaborative, web-based spatial planning tool that allows data-driven decision-making for:

Understanding resource potential of a country or region
Proactive long-term energy transition planning
Emerging market scoping
Assessing co-location of competing technologies
Infrastructure improvement scenario modelling for grid network build-out
Port upgrade requirements for offshore wind project support
Site access reinforcement
Early stage project site finding
Initial energy yield assessment

Features that fit your specific needs

Location parameters
Access to multi-criteriadecision analysis resultsfor each of the 20 million+ data points in model.
Analysis thresholds
Displaying the best-of-the-best locations at a glance.
Energy yield estimation
Calculation for user-drawn polygons and user-defined parameters.

About us

Matthew Barlow
Asier Galdos
Irati Etxeberria
Bingen Galartza
Lucas Sousa
Iñaki Arenaza
Software architect

Consultancy and custom analysis

We also provide ad-hoc consultancy and development services:

Inclusion of additional specific datasets
Tailored categorisation of spatial parameters & rankings
Custom data extent & resolution
Client-side deployment & hosting
Custom branding
Additional tools & functionality

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